Sony Xperia Z2 Release Date

Update: Sony Xperia Z2 has been announced on 27th Feb at MCW 2014 and the release date is yet to be confirmed but it is assumed to be in the first or 2nd week on April 2014. The Pre-order of Xperia Z2 has already started.

Xperia Z2 Release Date Is Sooner Than You Think

Xperia Z2 may be the Next Big Thing from the Sony and with the success of Xperia Z1 reaching its peak, the smartphone would soon be launched in the market. Sony has already started working on new concept of successor of Xperia Z1 ( codenamed Xperia Z1). The Xperia Z2 Release Date is already buzzing in the market very fast and you can expect better specifications that may that send shivers to the smartphone competitors. Xperia Z2 display may have 543 ppi density (Update: Xperia Z2 have 424 ppi density) as the Japan Display Inc. recently revealed that it has developed display for the device that provides a 543 ppi density (Update: Xperia Z2 have 424 ppi density)display. That is why Xperia Z2 Release Date may be sooner than you think !!!

Sony Xperia Z2 Concept Image

Sony Xperia Z2 Concept Image

Check out the below updated Sony Xperia Z2 Picture:

xperia z2 picture



Xperia Z2 Release Date Excitement

The thrilling rumored specs of Sony Xperia Z2 is eye catching and will have much improved features of what today we have in the market. The 25 MegaPixel back Camera Update: Sony Xperia Z2 Camera – 20.7 MP Camera on back and 2.3 MP Camera on the front is something extraordinary from Sony which will blow out its competitors right out of the box. Sometimes, you may think that the next smartphone will be better, just like we expect from all new Xperia Z2. Android v6.0 Milkshake OS with great display and better resistant-capabilities from dust & water will be the primary specs of Z2. Update: Xperia Z2 features Android 4.4 Kitkat not Android 6.

It is obvious that the competitors like

Samsung and Apple will come with new & enhanced devices next year, and Sony may not want to be left behind. Which is why the Sony Xperia Z2 Release Date may be around April or May 2014, giving an unbeatable performance and use the remaining months to perfect ZII.

Sony will have to try hard this time to face force to reckon its smartphone from its competitors and what the rumored specs shows is true, than Sony Xperia Z2 will far more better than its Co

mpetitors smartphones.

Xperia Z2 Launch Date

Sony is readying up the launch of it’s flagship Z series smartphone of the year, the Xperia Z2. It’s rumoured to be launched on 24th February 2014 in MWC. All but rumours we have one of the best devices from Sony this year and Sony’s also implementing it’s S-Master audio engine as well.

The Xperia Z2 will boast a 5.2 inch TRILUMINOS display having a resolution of 2560×1440 (Update: Full HD resolution – 1920×1080) with 54

0ppi pixel density (Update: Xperia Z2 have 424 ppi density). The display will be vibrant enough, but not compared to the likes of AMOLED or IPS panels, but the viewing angles will be better on the Xperia Z2 and with that much resolution we can expect enriched clarity on the device. Under the hood, there will be a Snapdragon 805 (Update: Xperia Z2 have Snapdragon 801 processor) SoC having Quad Channel memory support which will be running at 2.5Ghz (Update: Xperia Z2 runs on 2.3GHz) and helped along by 3GB of RAM. This promises smooth multimedia playback and gaming on the device not to mention daily tasks can run like butter. The Xperia Z2 will be ready for every command you give.

It’s not just about playing music and gaming, taking pictures is also one other factor and what more could you ask for than a good quality picture? Well Xperia Z2 won’t le

t you down. The same G-Lens and BIONZ imaging processor will be implemented on the Xperia Z2 as well with an increase from 21 Megapixels to 24 Megapixels. With the same implementation as the Z1, Z2 will offer better image clarity and night time shots. And for running all this, it will have a 300mAh battery which will last you for a day of heavy usage. Xperia Z2 will run on the latest version Android, 4.4 KitKat which offers better memory handling and buttery smooth processing and other tasks.

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